Here's what some of our customers had to say...

BankTrends is powerful, easy to use, and an incredible value. Every community bank president should have BankTrends!
President & CEO, a $174m community bank in Indiana
BankTrends is the perfect product to address your call report analytics.
CEO, community bank in Illinois
A 'power tool' for community bank managers.
CEO, community bank in Georgia
I honestly feel that if you aren't using this service, you better hope your competition isn't either.
a community banker, from the mid-Atlantic
I don't think I've been to a meeting in the last 6 months where my CFO didn't have something from BankTrends. We use it all the time!
President, community bank in Utah
BankTrends provides a wealth of information, is very easy to use, and customer service is top notch! This is a great tool and for the price, I don't think you can beat it.
President, Illinois community bank
BankTrends is made for multi-user levels - from analysts to the CEO because of its ease of use and its depth of comparisons. Start up training takes little time, and with the level of support provided, BankTrends is a must have!
CFO, $3B California community bank
I love that I can do regular analysis of a group of peers to share with my board...or just jump on and look at a competitor on the fly. BankTrends is easy and efficient.
CEO, at a North Carolina bank
Once my bank started using BankTrends, we cancelled all of our other survey and peer analysis subscriptions! We were pleasantly surprised with not only how fast we received the quarterly Call Report information from BankTrends, which is easily 45 days sooner than the other providers, but also how easy it is to use.
President & CEO, $330m top-performing bank in Illinois
BankTrends is great! My executive staff and board love it. BankTrends allows us to easily compare our performance with peers, both regionally and nationally, as well as watch industry trends. It is easy to use and saves us the time of compiling the information ourselves.
Chairman/President & CEO, a Massachusetts community bank
As a new user of BankTrends - all I can say is WOW! It is very user friendly, easy to understand, and a visual delight. Information is displayed in easy to interpret graphics and data can be displayed for a single institution or a variety of institutions. For comparative or competitive purposes, BankTrends is dynamite!
CEO, community bank in the Pacific Northwest
Thanks to BankTrends I was able to do advance analysis of a prospective employer and when I walked into the interview I not only had a firm understanding of where the bank was headed, but I was able to impress them about my knowledge and how my skills could best be used to improve their performance. Needless to say, I got the job.
EVP, community bank in California
BankTrends is a great tool, which is easy to use and allows us to make comparisons to a peer group of our choice using the built-in filters. We can then compare our bank to the peer group using virtually any ratio.
VP, $1B bank in Ohio
As the CEO of a small community bank, BankTrends has definitely made my life easier! My Board members are now receiving reports that are easy to comprehend and a snap to generate, my management team is utilizing this service to analyze each specific department, and I use BankTrends for strategic planning purposes. I would highly recommend this product (not to mention the outstanding service that BankTrends Team provide!).
CEO, $66m bank in Illinois
The greatest value derived from BankTrends is ease of use, specialized for my needs. BankTrends allows me to customize my report information with a few mouse clicks and pull the information into a format that is easily understood, visual (obviously), and timely. For me, it saves hours of research and puts it all at my fingertips.
COO, community bank in Idaho
With the help of BankTrends, our growing analytical needs as a local community bank are served accurately and instantly. BankTrends' visual intelligence is uniquely interactive - a strategic tool allowing us to showcase our solid growth results in a fresh and innovative analytical environment - without using a single word!
CFO, $500m Michigan community bank
Bank-Trends helps me identify banks similar to mine that are financially out-performing throughout the country, and they provide me with the necessary tools to analyze how they're doing it so I can incorporate fresh strategies into our business plan to out-perform as well. We've increased our performance by at least 20 basis points since we incorporated this type of peer analysis into our management plans.
President, $500m Massachusetts savings bank
BankTrends is a must-have!
CFO, $3B California community bank
By the way, I just want to say how much I appreciate your program. I use BankTrends at the Board level to better educate my Directors as well as management within the bank. It is very helpful. Now if you could only fix this economy...
President, $150m Missouri community bank
While analyzing "Call" and "UPBR" data is routine for some, most are turned off by the format and don't review it. BankTrends provides a reader-friendly format that I can easily share with my board, management and staff. We all benefit by being better informed. which I believe leads to better performance for our bank.
President, community bank in the Midwest
BankTrends has been an awesome tool for my bank. BankTrends Team are both knowledgeable and extremely helpful in support of their program. We especially appreciated the live meeting that they conducted during our annual planning session with our Directors. The Strengths and Opportunities analysis really helped us focus on the strategies that would have greatest impact on our bottom line.
President and CEO, $424m community bank in Illinois