Curinos will refund your BankTrends subscription purchase within 14 days if you decide to cancel your account for any reason. In addition, if your company is acquired by another company that also has a BankTrends subscription, we will refund the pro-rata portion of your subcription that you have not used yet.

To cancel your account simply call us at (877) 717-6743 and we will complete your refund promptly.

Refunds will only be offered during the 14 day period starting with the day you complete your account registration on our website.

After the 14 day refund period, you can choose to cancel your account at any time, and your account will be cancelled as of the end of your current subscription period, which is one year from your sign-up or last anniversary. At BankTrends we don't lock you into long-term contracts. We provide a great service and trust that this alone will be reason enough to retain your business.