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Webinar: Peer Group Analysis


On-Demand Webinar: Peer Group Analysis

7 Tips for Using Buyer Personas in Lead Nurturing

Not all buyers have the same goals in mind. If you’re like the rest of us, you probably need to sell to the IT team, the executive suite, line of business managers . . . and so on.

Marketing automation tools give you more power to target specific audiences with messages that really mean something to them. But first, you have to understand who your buyers are.

Go beyond the demographics. Get into your buyers’ heads to understand their motivations and pain points. In the end, you can build better lead nurturing programs that turn more buyers into customers.

Catch our on-demand webinar, "7 Tips for Using Buyer Personas in Lead Nurturing," for ways to:
  •  Segment and tailor content for each buyer persona
  •  Align sales with your messaging
  •  Track which campaigns and content get the response you want

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